How to Market your Bitcoin ATM

by Keith SmithMARCH 28th, 2022

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When marketing your Bitcoin ATMs, you are not marketing your business name. You
are marketing Bitcoin and Bitcoin ATM locations. There are some very effective ways of
doing this. Bitcoin ATMs require marketing efforts.

Marketing Bitcoin ATMs Tips

-Bitcoin ATM Locations
-Host Bitcoin ATM
-Contact us
-How to – Bitcoin Wallet Download and use the machine - FAQ

When building websites, you should avoid free web builders such as WIX because they are really bad
for SEO. Instead use SEO and Mobile friendly builders such as WordPress or Bootstrap.

You should have your Meta name Description that eloquently explains your BTM Business. You want
to target the areas that you are deploying machines. Meta data also contains social media data and
keyword data.

You also want to add a Twitter card AND Facebook crawler in Facebook developer tools so that your
links will show an image and description preview.

By writing blogs, creating videos, and creating content on website that is link worthy to other sites, you
will improve back linking from other websites.

How to fix link preview not showing up on Facebook and Twitter

VIDEO Explainer on how to Fix your social media previews:
How to Fix Link Preview Not Showing Up Correctly in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter - YouTube

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website

<img src="cherrytown_bitcoin_atm.png" alt="Cherrytown Bitcoin ATM">

You want headings such as:

“Buy Bitcoin from a Fruit Bitcoin ATM”

1) Smiths Gas Station – Orangetown
2) Jones Gas Station - Orangetown
3) Jacks Gas Station - Orangetown

H1: Should be main keywords, subjects, and what page is all about.
H2: breaks up the content for the main subjects
H3: sub categories.
H4, H5, H6 etc...

<p> HTML tags should only be used for text under your headings.

You also want to use ALT tags in HTML. Avoid naming your image files (image823.png) and instead
name them what the photos are. For example: cherrytown_bitcoin_atm.png > image823.png

Create "alt tag" for each image on the website. This alt tag will replace any image that can not load with
text and search engines seek out alt tags for ranking websites.

Alt tag for above image could be called:

<img src="cherrytown_bitcoin_atm.png" alt="Cherrytown Bitcoin ATM">

ALT TAGs are crucial for allowing search engines to find your website when people search out your
Bitcoin ATMs.

Building network of Bitcoin ATM websites

Build a network of websites is important in connecting all of your Bitcoin ATMs together with your website. You should have a main website that connects your entire operation together with many other websites. All of these sites can be hosted on one host. To do this, you will need to purchase a domain name for each location. Think of each Bitcoin ATM as a separate business.

Follow this example, we will use a fictional ATM Company named FruitATM has 4 Bitcoin ATMs:

The four towns they are located in are Orangetown, Appletown, Berrytown, and Peartown – This is your main site which you format with the following pages:

-Bitcoin ATM Locations
-Host Bitcoin ATM
-Contact us
-How to – Bitcoin Wallet Download and use the machine - FAQ

You then want to build an individual page for each one of your locations. In that page, you want
tags that say Bitcoin ATM Orangetown, Bitcoin ATM Appletown, Bitcoin ATM Berrytown, Bitcoin
ATM Peartown.

You then want to purchase a domain name that directs people to these locations. Make sure each of
these pages have meta data with title of the location. Remember, you are targeting Bitcoin and ATM in
search results:

If you have multiple BTMs in each town, you can group them together on the same page or link other
BTMs that are close to the location.

Social media Marketing Bitcoin ATMs

Now its time to tie social media to your websites. As said above, you want to add your social media to
your metadata in HTML.

You want to create an individual Facebook page for each location you have a Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATMs at "Smiths Gas" - Gas station in Orangetown allows you to buy Bitcoin or Sell Bitcoin
easily using cash locally. Visit our Bitcoin ATM and buy Bitcoin instantly!
Bitcoin ATM address:
85 S Almond Blvd, Orangetown, WY 10000

You want your phone number, email, and the time the store is open. Labeled as an Automated Teller
machine. Work with the property owners in verifying your business on Google. You may need assistance from marketing company if you cannot do this yourself.

YouTube is the absolute BEST way to get free SEO from google. By using YouTube, you can increase
your SEO and provide real world help to your customers seeking out your machines.

Take a video of the parking lot where BTM is located. Walk into the store with video. Walk up to ATM
and show yourself buying or selling Bitcoin from that ATM. Show customers how easy it is to use your
ATM. By creating a video for each location, you show people a virtual demonstration of using your
ATM and how to find it at that location. This helps in cutting back support costs and breaking down the
initial hesitation people may have using a Bitcoin ATM for the first time. Place each one of these videos on their respective pages dedicated to the operations of these ATMs.

When using social media, remember that people do NOT want to follow anything that seems robotic or
automated. Act like a human. Engage others. You can find gas stations, minit marts and mom and pop
shops on Facebook which your individual ATM page can follow. This includes the location your
deployed at.

Bitcoin ATM signs, flags, and stickers

Physical marketing is also a VERY important and probably one of the most effective forms of
marketing. From flags and signs out front to posters and neon signs inside. To stickers on the gas
pumps to giving employees at the location free Bitcoin so they help others use the Bitcoin ATM. Local meet ups and attentive customer support always proves success for BTM operators. 

There are many ways to promote the use of the ATMs at your locations. You want store owners who are
excited to share the BTM with their customers.

Remember, your main demographic that uses Bitcoin ATMs do NOT know what crypto, blockchain, or altcoins are. Replace all of those words with Bitcoin. If you sell other cryptocurrencies on your machines, people will still seek out "Bitcoin ATMs" and not "Crypto ATMs".

You want your ATMs to scream “BUY BITCOIN HERE” and not be focused on the name of your
BTM Company. Wrap your machines with vinyl car wrapping so it says Bitcoin! When you catch peoples eyes, you will increase sales at your ATMs.

Bitcoin ATM Marketing
Examples of Bitcoin ATM Marketing

Bitcoin ATM Marketing is more than marketing your machines online. You want to grab peoples attention and provide them the tools for easy purchasing of Bitcoin from your ATMs.