Bitcoin ATM FAQ

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Bitcoin ATMs are kiosk machines that allow people to buy and sell real Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs are money generators. Like generators that generate electricity which require fuel, BTMs require Bitcoin as their fuel. BTMs are essentially vending machines. You are selling your customers Bitcoin from your hot wallet and charging them a fee for doing so. The key to this business is maintaining the same supply of Bitcoin at all times. We have software that assists you automatically in this process.

Speak to one of our representatives who can explain to you everything there is to know about the Bitcoin ATM Business. Find a manufacturer that will support your operations. Make a plan. Secure a supply of Bitcoin. Establish cash logistics. Market your Bitcoin ATMs. Build a supply chain.

Every time a customer buys or sells Bitcoin from your ATM, a fee is added to the current market price of Bitcoin.

Depending on the model and whether the machine is in stock, 7-35 days for delivery.

Unlike traditional ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs require operators to complete a compliance program for their operation and to maintain compliance on the transactions on their machines. We have solutions that make this plug and play.

Because we are dedicated in supporting our operators. Our operators are not just our customers, but they are our partners. We consult our operators and help them build their businesses by sharing deep insight into the business and connecting them with the people they need to make their business thrive. We do not charge anything for this.